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Daily Devotional

Judging the Cover

Don't hold those at a distance whom you've never chanced to meet

From what's found on the cover the first time you chance to greet

From something you've been told of them or something that you see

Assuming without knowing them they can't be family

Don't hold at length that person who might be your dearest friend

If given opportunity their own name to defend

Whom others may have slandered by the stories they have told

Effecting your opinion as they shape you to their mold

For many are the stories that we all might want to hide

That have revealed our defects in the times that we've been tried

That may not complement us in the way we want to be

When others tell those stories as they hope that folks will see

Our faults in such a manner that will turn all eyes from them

And how they've let the devil make them so much more like him

Than like the precious Saviour Who transforms us from our past

When we accept forgiveness and upon Him our lives cast

For many are the failings we experience in life

And how we let them mold us is what tells us if this strife

Is being God's own chisel for perfecting of our souls

Or more a tool of Satan's for achieving his dark goals

Of leading to division when God wants our unity

To make us strong together to defeat the enemy

As we in oneness draw together by God's grace in us

Who've learned to emulate His love and place in Him our trust

So if you've been that person who's been slandered and maligned

Who feels there is no one to trust no one in whom to find

A heart that gives acceptance until it has time to see

The truth of what God's made you in your own diversity

Be that to all the others who like you are set aside

By faith let God reveal through you His grace you have inside

That does not read the cover til the story has been told

By reading for yourself that book of life you're asked to hold

And maybe if you're lucky you might find that person who

Is just that perfect person who completes that perfect you

That God has been perfecting by His working in your past That forms a bond of friendship that He knows will ever last 2 Corinthians 5:12-21; 1 Corinthians 12

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