Daily Devotional

Broken Mended

When David was a servant shepherd to his father's sheep

A guardian in the wilderness that got but little sleep

He learned there many lessons that prepared for him to be

The greatest king of Israel that they would ever see

But people often focus on the sins that he had done

His romping with Bathsheba that would cost their newborn son

For murder he committed when he tried to hide his sin

That laid this evil open to the eyes of all his men

But just as he had learned before when shepherd of the sheep

Sometimes the lambs will go astray upon the mountain steep

And get caught in the brambles and the briers of their sin

Just like the foolish trials brought by self upon all men

And though the Shepherd sees them in the evil things they do

He doesn't leave them all alone in all that they go through

But seeks them out to share with them the treasures of His love

That most important Treasure of salvation from above

That knows our every failing even knows the thoughts we think

And reaches out to save us when below the waves we sink

And says, “My child I love you even though you've let me down

“Just listen and release to Me your all and turn around

“To see the Light of heaven hear the comfort in My call

“Abandoning your worldliness to give to me your all

“That I might make you pure and white without the stain of sin

“The Way My grace works with your faith to make you new again

“Though slightly bent and fractured by the trials you've been through

“Still in My sight an emblem of the miracles I do

“When I have all your being soul and spirit and heart and mind

“And make of you a person like My Son in Whom I find

“No fault just pure perfection that reflects divinity

“A beacon to a dying world that all on earth might see

“That Christians are not perfect on their own until they're tried

“And Christ by His Own Spirit lives and dwells with them inside

“To fit their souls for heaven where the ones who know Him best

“Are those who fought to find their way but often failed the test

“Until they realized that only those who trust in Me

“Are those who have a Home above I bought on Calvary

Romans 1:3-6; 5:1-10; Jeremiah 18:1-6

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