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Daily Devotional

God's Peace

So many in this world today have not the peace of mind

The searchers without Jesus Christ the Lord hope they will find

They know not of the knowledge of God's will Christ came to give

Because they don't apply His words in how they choose to live

They ponder things instead that have no living attribute

To living life eternal where God's will is absolute

Because they think the burden God would have His children bear

Will take away the pleasures for which other worldlings care

Those pleasures of distraction that are soon to fade away

When fun turns to disaster in the games that people play

When pleasure has to answer for the price that sin demands

So few have stopped to factor in the future they have planned

For in the bigger picture God desires that we should see

This world's about a battle for the souls of you and me

A battle that is raging in those skirmishes each day

Where Satan works in everything to take our peace away

That does not draw us closer to the One we crucified

When by our sins we nailed Him to that cross whereon He died

Where He was mocked and treated in the way that we deserve

To give us life eternal with the angels who now serve

Our Maker our Creator our Redeemer Lord and Friend

Who offers us His perfect peace that soon will have no end

That peace that passes knowledge and the understanding to

Perceive the perfect beauty in the things He'd have us do

That are not dark and worldly but are bright and full of grace

That comes to those who live alone to see their Saviour's face

Alone from worldly pleasures in that fellowship of love

With others who are seeking that bright Home that waits above

Wherein that Land of plenty pleasures like we've never known

Will be the daily offering to those who are God's own

Who take the time today to find His will for them in prayer

While listening attentively to what His Spirit shares

Through every line in scripture where His love is on display

Where Wisdom waits to be received as Light to guide our day

Where peace that knows no trouble that it cannot overcome

Awaits for all who seek it by God's grace not just for some

Proverbs 11:1-12; Philippians 4:4-8

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