Daily Devotional


The union of Your children is a testimony to

The purpose of their being to reflect Your Son and You

A bond of love and fellowship that cannot know divide

Where grace that is most limitless is always to abide

But that which brings division to this bond of one accord

In those who are Your children when Your love has been ignored

Reflects instead rejection of Your perfect bond of Truth

Wherein is known Your Spirit Who abides with us from youth

Your Spirit Who is Holy Who dwells in the ones we are

Who only ever speaks Your will that's spoken from afar

Who moves in us with purpose to reflect Your realm above

Where all who dwell around you are reflective of Your love

But here we've yet to truly know the meaning of the phrase

“God stablish you and keep you through the merits of His grace”

As we've yet to abandon what Your eyes can truly see

The self deceptive falsehood that hides our perversity

That claims to understand You when in truth we are apposed

To virtues of Your character that will be found in those

Who truly lay themselves aside to show the world the same

Dimensions of Your character once found in Jesus' name

When those who were Your followers received Your early rain

That will be seen most visibly before You come again

In those who are the remnant of what started long ago

When those who were Your followers determined not to know

A single thing in character to turn the world away

From Christ and Christianity we call the living Way

Because to them the promise of eternal life with You

Was their true motivation in all things they chose to do

For only those who listen when they take the time to pray

To what Your Spirit teaches through Your scriptures everyday

And live the love You give us to all other ones we meet

Are truly those who love You and will sit at Jesus' feet

So Lord help us to love You like we've never done before

To live as Jesus taught us giving all we are and more

By loving as You love us that the world in us might see

The Truth that's found in Jesus in its full capacity

Jeremiah 11:1-5; 1 Peter 5:5-11

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