Daily Devotional


There cannot be a winner without losers I've been told

For this is just the way it is from time way back of old

For all must run the race but only one can come in first

And all the others simply come in second best to worst

But this is not the principle by which God operates

Nor is this what the scripture says or what the Bible states

For in the realm where heaven is the winners are not few

But are determined by their life and all that they've been through

For though the race requires much as much as we can give

It only sees as losers those who choose not how they live

To be determined by their love and reverence of God

Instead of how the world outside determines how they've trod

The path that they've been given often not by their own choice

But by the works of other folks as well as by their voice

That presses them to be one thing that they would never be

Or speaks in such a manner that confuses how they see

The world that is around them that has fallen in decay

That knows not of the Saviour's love and what He had to say

About His mighty Kingdom where the saints of God will shine

Because in their relationship they share the Saviour's mind

The mind that sees no losers in the ones that give their all

Who come out fighting by the faith that holds them straight and tall

By virtue of relationship that holds the hand of God

That leans not on their own accord but on the Shepherd's Rod

That Rod of loving discipline that's found within God's Word

That's listened to with bated breath through every thought that's heard

Impressed upon their wounded heart that seeks the Lord each day

And listens most attentively while silently they pray

As in the heat of battle or the challenge of the race

They know with every confidence that by God's loving grace

As long as they give all they have to win the victor's crown

Come that almighty judgement day in them there will be found

The heart of God's own champion who would not know defeat

But only how the voice of God encouraged them to meet

Each challenge with the knowledge that no losers will be found

In those who left their all upon that blood stained holy ground

1 Corinthians 9:19-27; Deuteronomy 11:22-28

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