Daily Devotional

Have You

Have you the preparation that's most needful for today

Have you a close communion with your Savior when you pray

Are you completely certain all your prayers are being heard

And can you find the answers to your questions in His word

When other people test you on the things that you believe

Can you recall the answers when at first you did receive

The truth that is in Jesus in the lessons that you learned

When from your past perceptions to the Light of life you turned

The Light that grows much brighter with the dawn of each new day

As you take time to seek Him Who's beside you when you pray

Who knows the pain you're feeling better than you know yourself

And takes the time to share with you His love and nothing else

That would be detrimental to your special time with Him

Where He provides your every need to be a part of them

Whom He is soon to rapture at His coming in the air

When all the resurrected rise to meet the living there

Who knew Him even better than they knew their dearest friends

Who morning after morning knew His love that never ends

As that that did sustain them when the trials of life did come

Though eyes could not perceive Him or the place that He came from

But in their heart they knew Him and the peace that He did bring

They knew that He was with them through their pain and suffering

And that His grace would never let them fight the fight alone

For He had made them promise that they were his very own

So friend if you feel lacking in the love you share with Him

If others tease and taunt you from the emptiness in them

Don't let another moment slip away and pass you bye

Before you open up your heart to sound the faintest cry

That will be heard in heaven even at the Fathers throne

Will bring the mighty angels for the comfort of His own

And will be ever present until Jesus comes again

As He will by His Spirit in God's presence still maintain

His intercessory power for the ones who share His love

Who know without one question they've secured a place above

Because in love they never wandered from His side in prayer

For love would seek no other place than wanting to be there

Jeremiah 2:4-14; John 5:39; 6:37-40


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