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Daily Devotional

What Samuel Saw

A young and gentle servant born to be a man of God

To bear the message of the cross wherever he may trod

The cross that lay before him everyday as he would pray

Within the temple of the Lord where he would choose to stay

Communing with his Saviour Who would be the Lamb of God

To die the greatest Sacrifice to walk upon this sod

As on the altar of the earth His blood would flow for them

Who chose to lay aside their all to be as one with Him

And once upon that altar He would die for all our sin

Upon His resurrection a new work would there begin

When once He gave commission to the ones He left behind

His Spirit would indwell them to impart the Saviour's mind

For when He rose to heaven to that Holy Place above

Clean washed of all our sinfulness through His undying love

He entered to a new work in His special ministry

Officiating as the Priest that He was born to be

As each day at the altar of the shewbread up on high

He faithfully administered those needs for which we cry

To feed us as His people from the bounties of His hand

That every child of promise would have just what He had planned

And from there to the candlestick that bears the Light of Him

Who came when Jesus left the earth as He had promised them

To be their Guide and Comforter that they might never lose

The Light that comes from heaven if God's Way is what we choose

And then before the altar of the incense He would pray

His prayers for intercession for His children in the Way

That all their prayers for cleansing and for grace might be fulfilled

Through merits of the Sacrifice and blood that Jesus spilled

But when the time for cleansing of the temple up on high

Foretold by all the prophesies of Daniel by and by

Was to be met in heaven Christ would move to take His place

Inside that place Most Holy Son of Man before God's face

To be our Judge and jury and our Advocate on high

That those who would confess His name might live and never die

When in the clouds of glory He will come to call His own

Who faithfully gave all they had to make His life their own

1 Samuel 1:15-18, 26-28; 2:18, 26; 3:19; Hebrews 3:1; 5:5-9; Romans 14:10; 1 John 2:1-3

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