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Daily Devotional


My heart cries out in love to You my God my family

The One Who truly knows me best and holds my destiny

Who only always seeks my good in all You say and do

In hope that I will give my will to be the more like You

For each and every day I rise from slumber You are there

Just waiting to commune with me through moments spent in prayer

That come and go most readily throughout my passing day

Assuring me You're always there to lead me in the Way

The Way that holds the answers to the questions I may ask

And even holds the wisdom and the strength for every task

That challenges my simple brain with great complexity

Which to Your mind is just a wisp of slight simplicity

And when I taste the morsels of the goodness of Your Word

Responding to Your Spirit from the things that there are heard

My soul is sweet with wonder at the beauty that I see

Entwined like vines with flowers in Your Word of mystery

That open with a fragrance and a beauty all their own

When chosen to be studied in their context all alone

Cross referenced with the other blossoms in their harmony

To see the greater Truth they hold in perfect purity

And like that vine with tendrils when they fully intertwine

Become a mighty presence with my heart and soul combined

To serve You with a purpose that the world has want to see

The purpose of reflecting Christ in His divinity

That flows like waves from heaven through His Spirit to His bride

Who is emboldened by His grace when she wills to abide

Within Your sanctuary constantly through daily prayer

Not falling to the devil who still tempts us everywhere

But who has been defeated by our Saviour on the cross

Who by Your illustrations gave Your lessons to the lost

That we need not be taken by the devil's sophistry

As long as we're connected to Your Son in purity

Of love that knows no boundaries that never walks in shame

That knows the daily cleansing through the power of Jesus name

Because Your love has drawn us to reflect the One You are

Who is our Light in darkness like the rising morning star

Matthew 13:3-23; Psalm 77:13

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