Daily Devotional

Simplicity Simplicity is genius when it comes to serving Him

Who laid His all upon a cross to save the likes of them

Who have nothing to offer save the remnant of their souls

Remaining after many years of sin's destructive tolls

Simplicity is genius in the purpose of God's plan

To offer His salvation for the lost forgotten man

Who struggles with the demons who so long have held him down

Just hoping he will never find the love that can be found

In those who know the Saviour and the power of His name

Who know they can't resist Him when we bring to them the same

Unspeakable dimension that is found in knowing Christ

Who offers us experience not found at any price

But through that simple pleasure that we find each day in prayer

When early in the morning we rise up to meet Him there

Where everything is waiting still at rest to start the day

Without the interference that gets in devotion's way

When all the complications of our day we must pursue

Draw from us our attention to the things that we must do

And all the needs of others whom we walk with in this life

Engender consequences that can lead to greater strife

Than what the Lord would have us carry in our day with Him

When we enlist His mighty strength to help us carry them

And make them what their meant to be instead of what they are

Not burdens but His instruments that make us shine like stars

Who shine with love's simplicity for God and all He's done

In offering His greatest Gift in Jesus Christ His Son

To be to us our Saviour from the life we lived before

We found out how each morning we could learn to love Him more

And in that morning visit as He preps us for our day

As we are drawn together by His Spirit in that Way

He also makes us like Him that the world in us can see

The beauty of salvation through our chased simplicity

That seeks the good of others as our Saviour did before

That shares with them salvation that their soul is yearning for

That knows by one's experience the mighty power of prayer

Because they spent the very best of morning with Him there

Psalm 63; Mark 1:32-35


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