Daily Devotional

Memorial Day

Today's the day we celebrate the women and the men

Who gave their lives in service to this land that we live in

Who lived and fought for freedom til at last they gave their all

In answer to the question “would they heed their nation's call?”

This nation that was founded on the principles of God

Established on the freedom in His Law we call the Rod

That demonstrates by precept how to love our fellow men

When first we love the Author Who's the Saviour from all sin

Which is the greatest battle that we all face day to day

And for which some will pay the price that Jesus came to pay

But for the lack of soldiers in the army of the Lord

Knew not the Gift God did provide that they could not afford

The Gift that's found in Jesus our Commander and our Friend

Who by His grace provides us faith to serve Him to the end

That faith that stands against the tide of evil that we face

As Satan fights against us to destroy the human race

That faith that will not slumber til the work of God is through

That's always sharp and vigilant in all we say and do

To hold up high the banner of the manger and the cross

That tells the precious story how God came to save the lost

And how He lives today and fights our battles just as well

As when He fought in heaven all the host of them that fell

And cast them out in mercy that the universe might see

The truth of fact and consequence of sin's perversity

That soon will be defeated when we hear that battle cry

And see our Lord appearing with His angels in the sky

To bring an end to evil that now rules the hearts of men

Who soon will watch in terror when our Saviour comes again

To put an end to battles with the enemy of souls

To gather all His soldiers that make up the valor rolls

Of those who would not slumber til they knew they gave their all

In answer to the question of our loving Saviour's call

To live for Him in service to our great eternal King

To fight the daily battles knowing that in everything

Our Saviour fights beside us through His Spirit to defend

The honor and the glory of His Kingdom without end

1Samuel 17:38-51; Joel 2:11-13; Matthew 6:25-34


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