Daily Devotional

Perfect Oneness

The city that we're looking for and hope someday to find

When in that mighty exodus we leave this world behind

That's built foursquare to house the saints but not upon the earth

Until it has been cleansed of sin and given its new birth

Is filled with precious qualities we very rarely see

Those qualities that Jesus taught would last eternally

Of perfect love in charity that puts all others first

And only thinks the best of those it knows and not the worst

That never feels offended by the things that others do

Remembering but for the Lord would be offensive too

And sees itself as simply what the Lord would have it be

A channel of His perfect grace for other folks to see

The Son of God reflected like a mirror made of gold

Transparent in its character as in God's Word we're told

That through us His bright radiance of love will ever shine

As not a thought of emptiness will ever come to mind

But only thoughts of joyfulness to see the souls of men

Redeemed by God's amazing grace that cleanses us from sin

That's lived and taught and spread abroad by those who live to be

Just like the One they've come to know each day on bended knee

The One Who's now preparing that bright home beyond the sky

Where all the saints of earth will live and never fear to die

Where all will form one body that began upon the earth

When each one put aside the past to welcome God's new birth

That's given us for asking not because of what we've done

But for the sake of living to reflect the Father's Son

The way and with the purpose that He shared with us before

When by His own example He taught love and something more

That motivates the Christians who has left the past behind

Who see themselves most clearly as they are no longer blind

But have that perfect vision for the glory they will see

When Christ returns from heaven to receive both you and me

Who have by faith that oneness that with God and God alone

Will by the saints in glory by experience be known

As walking in that city where the walls are built foursquare

They'll live in perfect oneness with their God Who brought them there

1 Corinthians 13; John 14:1-3; Revelation 21:1-4


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