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Daily Devotional

Kingdom of Patience

How perfect is your patience in the realm of trusting Him

Who patiently prepared Himself to walk and work with them

Who would be His disciples oh so many years ago

To open up the Word of God for all of them to know

The will and ways of heaven as the Kingdom among men

The kingdom of His heart and mind that He was always in

Beyond the things that they could see or substance they could feel

But truly just as substantive in spirit and as real

That Kingdom built of righteousness established before men

Were ever brought to being long before the birth of sin

Before the angels took their breath when formed by God's own hands

To wing throughout the universe fulfilling all His plans

That Kingdom that is waiting to this day for us to see

The beauty of salvation He's prepared for you and me

Where all our thoughts are answered from our questions in the past

When walking with our Saviour we will talk with Him at last

The way two friends conversing of the things that they can see

Express themselves in wonder with that full transparency

That has not one thing to be hid not one thing on their mind

For which they are embarrassed and would choose to leave behind

For in that perfect Kingdom that is here for us today

That Christ has said is in our hearts when we take time to pray

The atmosphere of heaven can be perfectly revealed

In those who patiently live out the Truth that is unsealed

Within the Book of heaven that we hold within our hands

That breathes the Spirit of His Truth revealing all His plans

For those who choose to listen as they hear His voice in prayer

Believing by the grace of God through faith He's always there

And holding to the promises He taught us long ago

Established in His Kingdom where the saved of earth will know

When walking up in heaven with their Saviour hand in hand

Were meant to teach us patience just the way that He had planned

That makes the Christian perfect in his battle over sin

The way it made Him perfect when He lived and walked with men

Until fulfilling all He came to do for you and me

God's Kingdom was revealed for us that day on Calvary

James 1:2-4; Luke 17:11-21

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