Daily Devotional

Thoughts And Actions

How futile is our thinking when we think we're all alone

That all our thoughts and doings unto others are not known

That we in our discretion are the only ones who see

The actions we make happen by our own activity

How blinded is our conscience when we choose to do the wrong

That clearly was repulsive to our Father all along

As mentioned in His scriptures where the Spirit does not lie

And all we need for knowledge waits until the day we die

To give us understanding of His want and will for us

If we will wait and listen giving all to Him in trust

That He knows every action He would have us to pursue

That brings to Him the glory in the good things that we do

For no we are not puppets to be ordered by God's plan

Though He knows every tiny thought that's in the heart of man

But we are His creation formed of earth and filled by Him

With life from our beginning like the mighty seraphim

Who stand by God in heaven right next to His mighty throne

Who love to serve in honor Him Who loves them as His own

Who once were tried and tested by the father of all lies

When he was still in heaven casting doubt before their eyes

But chose to remain faithful to the One that they could see

Held only in His Standard love for all eternity

That had been there before them and would be there til the end

When He would say there's been enough for all to see that sin

Is evil to its very core destructive to each soul

That thought that they could hide from God their own self-centered goal

When of a truth there's nothing that His knowledge cannot see

Down to the very thoughts of each and every entity

But even though He sees us in a way we cannot know

And sees the distant outcome of the seed we choose to sow

He still commands the future and still wants that we should be

The rulers in His Kingdom throughout all eternity

If we will choose to let Him live as He will live in us

When we abandon all to Him and place in Him our trust

And do those things that please Him leaving all our past behind

To be what He has always planned and always had in mind

1 Chronicles 28:9; Psalm 34:15; Hebrews 4:12-16; Isaiah 55:6-8


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