Daily Devotional

Would You

If everything you've ever done were scene upon a screen

Each word that you did ever speak each thing that you have seen

Would you might choose a different course of life in which to live

A life consisting less of take and so much more of give

Would you be more observant of what God would have you see

Be much more like the Saviour as the Lord would have you be

Encouraging the faithful in their walk to be like Christ

Abandoning all worldliness to be a sacrifice

A sacrifice that's living everyday to be like Him

Through even voice inflections that effect the hearts of them

Maintaining your composure even when it's hard to do

So they might see reflection of the Saviour deep in you

And when you meet the fallen who have stumbled in the way

Would you prefer to stop and give them help to face their day

By loving gifts of charity or simply your embrace

To share with them the love of God that lives through you by grace

The same grace that's extended everyday to you in prayer

When you take time to meet with Him Who's always waiting there

Who likewise met His Father every morning everyday

To give Him His enlightenment in all He'd do and say

To give us an Example of what He would have us be

The chosen for His Kingdom that will live eternally

Because we were the channels of His love on earth below

Reflective of His character wherever we did go

Not for some hope of great reward for things that we had done

Or to escape the consequence for sin that killed God's Son

But simply out of charity that lived within our hearts

That flowed through acts of mercy springing from our inmost parts

For when one truly loves Him Who gave all that He could give

Then everything about them is important as they live

Concerned with what they put within this temple of the Lord

And what they place upon themselves with what they are adorned

That by our chased example by our love for all mankind

A brighter hope and future in our Saviour they might find

And more than hope a new found faith that is reality

Because of what they've seen of God lived out in you and me

Luke 10:25-37; John 13:13-17; Romans 12:1-3


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