Daily Devotional

The Sin of Sodom

So many are so quick to blame the Sodomites of old

For reaping their destruction for their evil we are told

Their evil and iniquity we little see today

But has become apparent is most surely on its way

The evil sexuality where men would lie with men

Where people in despondency to good would let them in

Through means of entertainment to destroy the moral plan

That God at our creation had in mind in store for man

But all of this corruption for which God did make them pay

When fire rained from heaven on that great and dreadful day

Did not just quickly happen at the blinking of an eye

But was the subtle working of the one who too will die

When fire rains from heaven once again to cleanse the earth

Corrupted by the evil we've imagined from our birth

The evil he implanted in unguarded hearts of men

Who sought to find the pleasure that would come to them in sin

That pleasure that is fleeting that leaves hollowness behind

Encouraging more evil that we hope that we can find

To fill that void that's empty in the path that we did choose

Where no one is the winner and the sinners always lose

To him they choose to follow when they turn the Lord away

For when we turn from righteousness there is no other way

Than that that leads to Sodom and the end that it received

That fell on those who turned away the message Lot believed

And now today we're standing in a time that's been far spent

As very few will listen to the message that is sent

From heaven's throne in warning through the pages of God's Word

For those who are attentive to what's needing to be heard

That all the pride and vanity all selfishness and sin

Is soon to be clean wiped away with those who enter in

Agreement with the devil and the father of all lies

Who said from the beginning that the sinner never dies

And only those who listen and apply God's love each day

Through love in their obedience to what He has to say

Will be the ones rewarded with eternal life brand new

Because they know the Saviour and pursue what He would do

Genesis 19:1-26; Ezekiel 16:48-49; Jude 1:3-7


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