Daily Devotional

No Coincidence

There is not has not ever been nor will there ever be

Coincidence at anytime throughout all history

For everything that's happened everything that happens still

Is part and parcel with the plan that is the Father's will

That will that gives us freedom to believe what we will choose

Accepting His eternal life or life from Him to lose

To walk in full obedience or choose the other way

To let His Spirit speak through us or choose what we will say

For when you come down to it in this world in which we live

There's really only two ways in this life of take and give

The way of love and righteousness in Him Who reigns above

Or that which leads to pain and death the Bible tells us of

When we choose not to listen to entreaty from God's Word

Entreaty that still beckons us to hear what can be heard

From His sweet Holy Spirit as our Comforter and Guide

Whom Christ assured us would be here and in Whom we can hide

From him who is the enemy who tempts us into sin

Who's purpose is in everything to twist the thoughts of men

From purity of purpose to the darkened web of lies

Wherein the soul that follows him just forfeits life and dies

And everything that happens everything we see and hear

That brings us joy and happiness or anguish pain and tears

Originates from one side or the other who controls

The path by our submission has command within our souls

For in the greater picture with eternity at stake

Outside the realms that we can see the choices that we make

Determine on whose side we choose at last to take our stand

With heaven in the balance and the life that God has planned

When battles will be over and our Saviour comes at last

To claim the ones who knew His love and gave to Him their past

And lived each passing moment in the hollow of His hand

Revealing in their characters that He had full command

When Satan tried to tempt them tried to pull them from the Way

Tried desperately to lead them to the end where he will pay

For every sin committed for which Christ was crucified

For which He sealed the devil's fate when on the cross He died

Psalm 18:46-49; 1 Thessalonians 5:14-18; Ecclesiastes 3:1

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