Daily Devotional

Oneness With God

We say we read the scriptures for they are the light of men

But sadly we neglect the Truth of God we find therein

The Truth that seeks the depth of love that's found by those who find

Its beauty by devotion of their body soul and mind

For as the scriptures tell us everything that's written there

When studied with an open heart each morning while in prayer

Is written for our profit for His Spirit to dwell in

Our inner most perceptions to draw us away from sin

To make of us a people who know Him to be our God

To know His very presence in each daily path we trod

To feel His breath upon us as He breathes on us His word

That only in the deepest sense of love is clearly heard

For all of our perception when it comes to knowing Him

Is found within the scriptures as His Spirit flows through them

Into our understanding as the Light of Life we see

Displayed for our enlightenment in perfect clarity

But if we fail to seek Him in the body of His Word

To wait in meditation for His Spirit to be heard

Then we will fail of gaining all the beauty waiting there

Awaiting our reception as we linger there in prayer

And if we do not listen then we cannot understand

The meaning and the purpose for the things that He has planned

In each event that happens in the course of each new day

Because we do not listen when we come to Him and pray

For just like in a marriage when two souls are knit as one

And that one life together as one body has begun

So we in our relationship with God is meant to be

A time of perfect union filled with living purity

That purity of oneness as we are with God His own

In intimate connection far beyond what we have known

When following a pattern that's set out by other men

Who know not God's desire to draw us away from sin

Into that perfect union illustrated by the life

God gave when He made Adam and he knew Eve as his wife

That was the glue that bound them as one body filled with love

That illustrates the oneness that the scriptures teach us of

Song of Solomon 1; 2 Timothy 2:15; John 5:39; Deuteronomy 7:9; 30:20

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