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Daily Devotional


No child of God can ever be removed away from Him

As long as they pursue the life that He's provided them

Not seeking fame or fortune as the world would have us plan

But seeking more the love of God that we might understand

The spectrum of its beauty in its varied rays of light

Like shining through a prism with its colors bold and bright

That represent His Kingdom as defined in every heart

Wherein is found the grace of God that He alone imparts

When we accept His leading as He's led us in the past

As with eternal purpose that He will reward at last

When placed within His service for a witness to mankind

To touch the hearts of those we often want to leave behind

That still have thoughts and feelings that have never been removed

That left them blind and hopeless as their trust in others proved

To be just simply ropes of sand that quickly blew away

When in their lonely state of mind they longed for them to stay

And then when lost and empty with no love to call their own

They thought through their emotions to pursue life all alone

And filled their days with all the things the world said they would need

To find the joy and happiness for which a young heart pleads

But found instead the hollow in their heart was more profound

And music that once brought them joy was just an empty sound

And other things that lessened all the pain they felt within

Became their friendly enemy on which they could depend

To drive away their loneliness through artificial means

That always brought them back to life's destructive painful scenes

Until they felt there was no more a reason to exist

As life was truly just a pause in dissipating mist

Until someone shared Jesus and the beauty of God's plan

Unfolded on that cruel cross to save the soul of man

That wipes away the painfulness that keeps us in the past

Renewing what love does for us that will forever last

As those who know the promise of salvation that is true

Abandon all their selfish plans to do as Christ would do

Becoming God's own channel of His love to all of them

Who will respond as He desires to be as one with Him

Job 17:11-16; Psalm 34:14-22; Isaiah 61:1-3; Luke 4:16-21

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