Daily Devotional


The Bible is the Word of God and this I won't deny

And every word that's found therein is meant for us to try

To understand and comprehend how it relates to us

Who claim to have the promises and in our God to trust

But many in this day we live feel they have right to be

The ones who are expositors of all things that they see

There written by the hand of God upon each holy page

As though they have authority because they are of age

Or for their education they believe endorses them

As wise and worthy messengers to teach the world of Him

Who is the God eternal no beginning and no end

Our Father our Redeemer our Defender and our Friend

As though by man's authority God cannot live in those

Who are His humble messengers that He alone has chose

To be the channels of His grace for all the world to see

That He alone determines who will have authority

That moves the mighty mountains of obstruction in the way

Of how the work of God is meant to be shared everyday

Through those who seek Him on their knees where He is always found

In personal devotions known by us as Holy ground

Where our true education for the work of God is learned

And where the true authority before all men is earned

From Him Who has authority and is the Light of them

Who love and are abandoned to the will and ways of Him

And those who have authority from God and God alone

Who humbly seek to share God's Truth as His will should be known

Seek not the praise of other men for praise is not their friend

As those who live to have men's praise will meet their final end

For those with true authority that comes from God alone

Still see themselves as faulty as they kneel before God's throne

And dare not lift themselves above the others that they see

For fear they fail to be God's light to His authority

That's found alone in scriptures not the ways of evil men

No matter their traditions that they lead the people in

For only in God's scriptures can we ever hope to find

The Truth for Life eternal for our body soul and mind

Luke 18:9-14; 1Thessalonians 5:9-24; Titus 2:11-15

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