Daily Devotional

Power of Prayer

So many are the challenges that face us everyday

And with each is a reason that we need to stop and pray

For God to make us witnesses to all that He can do

When we lay all before the cross where He makes sinners new

For all of us are sinners all of us know not the way

To really be effective in the way that we should pray

Unless we spend that special time where God can help us be

Reflective of His perfect will that lives in you and me

When we are full abandoned to His will and way for men

Who will not want not choose not to be slaves again to sin

But want more than the air they breathe to live for Jesus Christ

Who gave His all upon that cross to be our Sacrifice

That we be more that people who have access to God's throne

But be a pure reflection of what He has always shown

To be His Law of Righteousness that lives and reigns in love

That endlessly proceeds to us who seek His throne above

Where is the power and Majesty that rules the hearts of men

Who choose to follow in the path that He will lead us in

The path where all who know Him not but see us everyday

Begin to see His Light in us that leads them to the Way

Where all who will give all to Him will more than know His will

But will experience His grace that He's providing still

To work the works of holiness wherein His love abides

That heals the broken of their past and by His Spirit guides

His people as His children who by faith want more to be

The channels of His holiness more than iniquity

That He through them might touch the world in ways it's never known

That when He comes He'll reap the fruits of seed that they have sown

The fruits of souls surrendered to the purpose of God's will

Each morning in their prayer time as they felt His Spirit fill

Their emptiness with purpose and the wisdom for the day

To meet the many challenges they thought would come their way

And more than meet to conquer by the power of Jesus name

The power of the enemy who seeks to cast his blame

Upon us but is vanquished by the power of God through prayer

Because His Presence stays with those who take Him everywhere

2 Timothy 3:12-17; Mark 10:14-15; James 5:15; 2 Chronicles 7:14-15

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