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Daily Devotional

Glory In Goodness

Why Lord are there so many who proclaim Your liberty

Who stumble in the darkness of their own iniquity

Who speak of serving Jesus with their body soul and mind

But have no living evidence a hurting soul can find

Who needs and wants so desperately the message from the King

Who gave His all on Calvary to give us everything

We did not will not can't deserve but comes to us by grace

When we on bended knee pursue the glory from His face

That glory that is goodness that alone from Him is seen

When He through love accepts us all no matter where we've been

As long as we set all aside that might get in the way

Of our communication with the Father each and every day

That glory that is goodness that seeks out another's need

And willingly with wisdom gives the thing for which they plead

When timing is appropriate and everything's in place

To help them realize the most of what has come by grace

That glory that is goodness that can see beyond the veil

The pain that hides within us that our lips are want to tell

But fear mixed with confusion keeps us silent everyday

From sharing with the only One Who hears what we don't say

But wants us to speak all to Him both good and bad as well

That we might understand the more how much of all we tell

To Him has great significance if it gets in the way

Of helping us receive the gifts He offers us each day

That tell us of His goodness from the pardon of our sin

That helps us by His mystery of grace to start again

With nothing held against us from the failings of our past

When all we are and hope to be are laid on Him at last

And used by Him to fashion us to what we need to be

As soldiers in His army to defeat the enemy

By reaching out in love to those who long to hear His voice

And know that they can come to Him and have His grace by choice

Because they see the evidence lived out in those who pray

And live their faith before them through the things they do and say

That speak and show God's goodness through the glory that they see

In those who Know the Saviour and reveal Him perfectly

Exodus 33:17-23; 1 John 3:1-3; Hebrews 1:1-4

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