Daily Devotional


While walking in the moisture of the early morning dew

I happened to be captured by a fragrance I came to

The fragrance of a flower that hung there upon the tree

Delightful in its fragrance God had placed there just for me

And as I thought upon it how this fragrance was unleashed

To spread beyond it boundary enveloped in the leaves

I thought of how familiar other fragrances I'd found

Could speak to the environment as they too were unbound

From all the different flowers God has placed upon the earth

Though not at all as brilliant as they were at their first birth

When from the hand of Jesus their Creator they were born

Into a perfect garden til by sin they too were torn

From all of its perfection with that mighty Tree of Life

That fed in perpetuity the gardener and his wife

Until by their presumption and rebellion toward our God

They started down the path of death upon which all must trod

But even though they felt the curse that drove them from that Tree

The curse that brought the pall of death to even you and me

God still preserved the blessings that they knew in Paradise

When He preserved the flowers that delight the viewer's eyes

And more than just the beauty He unlocked the fragrance too

To be an illustration of what you and I should do

To share before the world the best that He's made us to be

As well as all the fragrances that others cannot see

The fragrances of passion for the work of saving souls

That's driven by compassion that desires to make them whole

Reflective of the person God's created us to be

That one day will be with Him to live for eternity

And also of respecting what God placed in those we meet

Appreciating all the gifts that brought them to His feet

The gifts of tribulation and the trials of their past

That will place them much closer to His perfect throne at last

Where we just like those fragrances that thrill our senses here

Will sing and shout the glory for the One we hold most dear

The One Who still saw beauty in the souls of those He saved

Who will again be perfect when He brings them from the grave

Song of Solomon 2:10-13; Psalm 103:8-22

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