Daily Devotional

The Least of These

Surrendered at an early age to sexual abuse

Soon followed by the damages that come with one's drug use

Detached from friends and family a lost and lonely shell

Of someone who by all accounts is destined straight to hell

But deep within this person cries a child who longs to be

Rescued from what they've known of life and from their debt set free

To know for just a moment of love's touch that makes one whole

That brings the slightest glimpse of hope the death won't take its tole

This person who by all accounts has nothing left to give

No reason that society should want for them to live

In fact has more a reason to be honored by all men

If they will gain the victory God offers over sin

The victory that's given when one lays their burdens down

Before the cross of Jesus on that purchased holy ground

Where blood drops fell like rain drops washing all our sins away

When we accept God's Sacrifice for which we could not pay

And with that gracious cleansing from the filth of sins they've known

From years and years of aimlessness and evils they have sown

To have from them the garments of a torn and tattered past

Removed and by the grace of God upon the devil cast

That on them might be placed the robe of pure and spotless white

That robe of Christ's own righteousness that's bathed with heaven's light

And then a stone of purity imprinted with God's hand

To bear their name of holiness not known by any man

A name that is a new name born of royalty on high

To be a priest before the Lord where they will never die

To bear by their own witness to the universe at large

The testimony of God's love for which they're given charge

Because someone saw Jesus in their frail and damaged state

In need of love and tenderness instead of cruel hate

And took the time to share with them the endless love of God

Displayed when Jesus walked this earth in every path He trod

As He could see the battle raging for each person's soul

And ministered in every way that He might make them whole

As our pure Example of what God would have us be

A channel of His grace that sets another sinner free

Matthew 25:34-46; Revelation 2:17; 1:5, 6


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