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Daily Devotional

A Mother's Hands

The hands that rock the cradle mend the clothes and cook the meals

That softly touch the fevered brow to see how hot it feels

That stroke their precious little one until the break of day

That write the words that make the list of those for whom they pray

Are hands that have a purpose only they on earth can fill

Ordained of God to do the work reflective of His will

Providing love and sympathy compassion truth and grace

And always there to dry the tears upon their young one's face

For these hands are extensions from a heart that's one with God

Who lovingly touched every life while He was on this sod

With life and light from heaven for the humble and the few

Who in their hearts responded to the good that He would do

And these hands of the mother who has set her life aside

To be while they are needed as a teacher friend and guide

The instruments of service in their service to the King

Providing as they're gifted to their children everything

That by God's grace He's shown them are most needful in this life

To place in them the wisdom that is needed in the strife

That will most surely meet them as they live from day to day

The way that God would have them as reflective of the Way

The Way their mother taught them from the cradle to her grave

Not seeing as a sacrifice the all of life she gave

But thankfully rejoicing for the time she had to be

The mother and prayer warrior in her precious family

So for these hands that held us and for some are holding still

We thank our God for giving us the lesson of His will

That we might learn of heaven and the beauties we will share

When with our Godly mother we will walk and listen there

To thoughts that were recorded by the angels long before

When hands that rocked the cradle wished that they could do far more

To give their child assurance that their life would be alright

Through every pain and sickness and those sometimes endless nights

And that they'd live forever with the One Who paid the Price

The One Who bought eternal life with His great Sacrifice

But that will be the gift we bring in thankfulness to them

When we give all of what we are the way they did to Him

Exodus 20:12; Leviticus 19:3-4; 1 Kings 3:16-28

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