Daily Devotional

The Old Building

The old place was so dusty and so cluttered from the past

With broken things no one could use that should have been out cast

With articles from history that told what once had been

The purpose of this very place that I was standing in

But now was just a derelict of buildings from the day

When people walked and talked a lot and even stopped to pray

When life held more a meaning for the future they might see

And people lived by standards that reflected purity

That could not be commanded and cannot be bought or sold

When children learned obedience to do what they were told

To help them grow in character to learn the ways of God

To give them true direction in the path that they must trod

But like that poor old building that was standing from the past

That once wise generation failed to share the things that last

Like never ending promises we find within God's Word

That must be lived and thought upon for others to be heard

And like that poor old building as the love for life has gone

When we who are the keepers of God's message have gone wrong

And look to those around us more than to the One Who died

We lose the very meaning for which He was crucified

For we just like that building miss the reason we are here

And with the passing seasons find our joy replaced with tears

From times and opportunities we just let slip away

And that no longer seem to come to help us find the Way

But like the master builder who envisions something new

That this old broken building might still have a chance to do

We too though bruised and broken might still have a place to be

Recorded as a work of art for all the world to see

Reflecting what our Builder had designed from long ago

A building where the lost of earth might have a place to go

To learn about the Healer and the Saviour of mankind

Who makes the lame to walk again and brings sight to the blind

And Who is set on coming to restore us bright and new

To be with Him forever doing what the angels do

Exploring how to love Him Whom the world today can't see

Unless they see His love restored this day in you and me

2 Corinthians 5:17-21; 1 Corinthians 3:8-11; 2 Timothy 2:15

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