Daily Devotional


The sounds of distant thunder warn us of the coming storm

Where shafts of warm air rising cause the mighty clouds to form

From simple water vapor that our eyes can't even see

Until through condensation they become what they will be

To share with us the lessons God will have that we should learn

That all things in their season happen in their given turn

To teach us through God's nature only He has full control

Of what is bound to happen to the God abandoned soul

Who lays their trust in Jesus Who will never let them down

That strong and firm foundation where the grace of God is found

To make of us a building that needs never be concerned

If by our faith we build upon the principles we've learned

The principles of righteousness that will not break or bend

That found within the Law of God will save us to the end

When all the storms around us wipe away the things that be

Not firm and well established on the cross of Calvary

Where Love divine was tested by the greatest storm of strife

As Christ the precious Son of God hung there to give His life

To be our Lamb and Sacrifice that we in turn might be

Joint heirs with Him in Paradise one with divinity

That gave its all for all of us who leave our past behind

And let our Saviour live in us through consecrated minds

That seek Him every morning trusting Him to make each day

Another step toward heaven as He leads us in the way

That will see storms of fury while we still live in this earth

That cannot hurt the souls of those who've known Him through rebirth

But only hurt this body but for just a little while

Until God says, “It's time My Son that all be reconciled.”

And then Christ comes in glory but not with the storms of strife

But in a cloud of angels who have watched us all our life

And cheered for every victory that grace had brought us through

When by our faith we trusted God to do what He could do

When at the feet of Jesus we did lay our burden down

And lingered there in wonder as we knelt on holy ground

How Jesus our Example showed us all that we can be

When we like Him begin each day with God on bended knee

Ecclesiastes 3:1-14; Job 21; Luke 8:22-25


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