Daily Devotional

The True Rapture

So many folks will tell you that when Jesus comes again

To cleanse the world in righteousness and put an end to sin

His coming will be secret and no one will even know

Unless they are the chosen who with Him to heaven go

They'll tell you there's a rapture unlike Jesus said before

That leaves the unconverted lost and standing at the door

To face the tribulation seven years upon this earth

That they might have another chance to know Him through rebirth

And then they get all fuzzy in the way they compromise

The prophesies in scriptures that are clear before our eyes

That speak of coming judgement and the raising of the dead

And also of the very truth of all that Jesus said

Because this secret rapture is not as they say at all

The secret in the scriptures is just when the Lord will call

His people from the trouble and the trials they are in

And put an end to Satan's game of tempting them to sin

For as Christ simply told us in His own undying words

The trumpet of the Lord will sound that draws us heavenwards

And every eye shall see Him when He comes the second time

To ransom the elect of earth and leave the lost behind

Where all have died who knew Him but refused to let Him in

To make and mold and fashion them to be the more like Him

And those who never knew Him but had opportunity

And chose the path of self instead of His humility

Until the years of judgement up in heaven will have past

Where all the saved and chosen will through records know at last

That those who had been left behind in death when Jesus came

Were rightly judged as they alone must bear their guilt and shame

And when that judgement's over and the thousand years have past

And all the saved and chosen come with Jesus back at last

The lost are resurrected just the way they were before

To see the glory they refused that Christ had called them for

And with the final actions of the judgement as they see

And there confess that Jesus Christ is Lord on bended knee

They'll rise in one last effort of rebellion that will end

When fire cleanses all the earth for life to start again

Matthew 24:32-39; 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; Revelation 20

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