Daily Devotional

Soldier Father Teacher

A soldier father teacher will be laid to rest today

One noted for the goodness in the things that he would say

One loved by oh so many for the things that he would do

Who never hurt another with the hurtful things he knew

This man who was a soldier who held high the Saviour's cross

Who prayed each day in silence that his loved ones be not lost

Who held his wife the closest as they faced the enemy

Together as one body to protect their family

One body bound together by their love for Jesus Christ

Who in their hearts abided as the One Who paid the Price

For them and for their children and for all the ones they knew

Whom God in love appointed that together they go to

And oh that loving teacher that in everyone could see

A soul once held in bondage that was needing to be free

To give themselves expression to discover who they were

Through learning and through writing as their spirit he would stir

With thoughts of grandest freedom from the bondage of their past

To have a place in heaven where their crowns at last they'll cast

Before the throne of Jesus Who they learned so well to know

Through how His loving Presence in this teacher once did show

This teacher who was often held by others in esteem

Though in himself he never saw a reason they should deem

Him as above another for some things that he had done

As in his mind we're all to be reflective of the Son

The Son of God and righteousness that he had come to know

From years of close devotion as his character did show

And Whom with every confidence we're sure that he will see

When Christ returns in glory to defeat the enemy

And raise those bound in slumber who are waiting in the grave

The ones who were the soldiers parents teachers He did save

Who fought and loved and taught the world of God's undying love

And how God would be coming soon to take them all above

Where in one joyous chorus as one great big family

With all their other loved ones they will thrill so much to see

And praise the name of Jesus Whom in life they knew so well

With words full of expression in this life they tried to tell

John 11:24-25; 1 Peter 1:3-8

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