Daily Devotional


The words the words the words we read have much to comprehend

When we take time upon our knees and on the Lord depend

Those words of greatest wisdom that can lead to Paradise

And words of wise instruction from the greatest Sacrifice

Those words that seem to know us to the limit of our soul

That hold in them the promise that God's grace can make us whole

That speak to us His Presence when we're lost and all alone

Assuring us we'll never have to face life on our own

If we by faith will follow in the path His Spirit leads

Though often by the world untried and set about with weeds

This path that leads to heaven by a way that's yet unknown

By those who've always doubted God and all that He has shown

Is placed within His writings for the life of every soul

With heaven holding vigil that each soul might meet the goal

That flows through all the scriptures in the fashion of the words

That by their very counsel will direct us heavenwards

Because there is no limit to what God in us can do

When by His grace through living faith the place He brings us to

Is lighted by His glory through the many words we share

Adopted from the scriptures that reveal how much He cares

Those scriptures from beginning through the body to the end

Reveal the love of Jesus as Creator God and Friend

Who made us for a purpose that we still have yet to learn

But surely He will show us when to Him we fully turn

Not holding to the follies and the failings of our past

When we assumed assuming was the die that we should cast

To know the path that we should take to find our way alone

That left us filled with emptiness from all the things we'd sown

That did not seek His guidance Who had planned what we should be

Who from all time eternal made that plan for you and me

And placed it in His scriptures that if faithful we would find

Awaiting our acceptance with a holy open mind

That focused not on being what the world would have us be

But being heirs of heaven throughout all eternity

Who found their goal and purpose by the study of God's Word

Each morning in devotion when His Spirit could be heard

Proverbs 12:1-8; Jeremiah 15:16; Psalm 119:11, 105

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