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Daily Devotional

The Theater

This world is one big theater and so I've heard it said

With worlds outside beyond our dome to see what can be read

Of each and every character of those who walk this earth

To see how they will choose to live in life to death from birth

And as I read the scriptures I in turn believe it's true

From birth in its creation 'til Christ comes for me and you

That every word and every act reveal through what is done

If we are true and faithful to the work of God's dear Son

For as we read the scriptures we can see how goes the tale

How Lucifer once blessed of God chose pride to make him fail

And turned against the very One Who gave Him joy in life

Engendering in others thoughts that only brought them strife

As he who was created highest of the angel host

Perceived that only he should be the one we worshiped most

And sowing his deception in the apple of God's eye

He made Eve to believe that she would live and never die

If she would take the apple orange or what the fruit was then

And eat of it though God had said to eat would be a sin

For eating was denying to believe what He had said

And would at just that moment curse humanity as dead

But when they were confronted by their Maker for their deed

And asked that they might tell the truth instead they chose to heed

Their fear of Him Who only gave them love and tried to blame

Each other and the serpent who was Satan then by name

And thus began the theater for all the worlds to see

The acts of our humanity that led to Calvary

And from the resurrection to the time we live in now

Where all the universe still waits on us to see just how

We will repent of what we've done and often do today

And give our all to Jesus Christ Who is our Truth and Way

And Life to live through us as one to serve Him as we heed

The promptings of His Spirit Who will help us to succeed

In making us the heroes and the heroines of grace

Who choose to follow not the one who spit in Jesus' face

But choose to be abandoned to what God will do through us

Who choose the One Who wrote the script with unreserved trust

Genesis 1:1-2:4; 3:1-24; Hebrews 11:1-3; 32-12:2

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