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Daily Devotional

Christ's Preparation

Sometimes we face temptations that are common unto men

And consequently end up falling in those same old sins

That capture and encumber those who have not spent their day

More focused on the Word of God than Satan's worldly way

But when we choose to ponder what our Jesus did go through

With all the preparation for that thing that He would do

Conception birth and childhood to become the perfect Lamb

It's sometimes hard to see Him as the One the great I Am

Who also made the heavens hung the planets all in space

Who spoke and in an instant everything was in its place

The first day then the second then the third fourth and the fifth

And crowned life with humanity the way He did the sixth

And then when men were evil He consumed them with a flood

The end of which was celebrated by the precious blood

That represented what would be the Price that He would pay

For those who entered in the ark and were not swept away

Then when He freed His people from the slavery of men

Who knew not of His purpose for His people way back then

He sent ten plagues on Egypt without hurting of His own

To take them to the wilderness where they might be alone

With Him to learn the lessons through His servant He would teach

That as His chosen people all the world they were to reach

With His plan of salvation through His coming Sacrifice

For which He the Almighty was to pay the greatest Price

When leaving all the mansions in His Kingdom up above

He'd step down to become like us to share His Father's love

A Sacrifice we cannot know for we have never been

One with God in divinity pure holy without sin

And when He hung upon the cross that crucifixion day

Prepared the great eternal Lamb that took our sins away

He stated, “It is finished,” for the universe to hear

To have known without question His investment here was clear

For not only did He become a man like us back then

He stills bears our humanity just without marks of sin

Just scars He'll bear forever to remind us why we live

And why we choose each day in love our all for Him to give

Deuteronomy 15:9-11; John 17:1-26

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