Daily Devotional

Cosmic Conflict

When others hear of conflict for dominion of your soul

The conflict which is cosmic and eternal in its goal

Between the powers of righteousness with Christ at their command

And powers of the underworld where Satan takes his stand

What might they see within you if they could but see inside

What would be your condition as these forces coincide

In fighting for supremacy to have their power within

The One for life eternal and the other to your end

Would they see love and tenderness expressed through things you do

With words of great encouragement as others suffer too

Or would they hear discouragement as you choose to complain

And blame the One Who's innocent for all your woes and pain

Would they see drops of agony as sweat drops from your brow

As tears that burn your swollen eyes course down your cheeks somehow

And find their way to mix with His Who sweat them once for you

When in the garden on His knees He faced what He must do

To give you an assurance that the struggles you would know

Though often as a circumstance for actions you did sow

Would not be known forever but for just a little while

Until the courts of heaven would see all things reconciled

As each soul that is tested in this battle for the soul

That oft times feels abandoned left alone to pay the toll

For sins they once committed but believed on Christ to take

Will have their names recorded in the Book for Jesus' sake

The Book not of remembrance where recorded from our past

Are sins that we committed but were too stubborn to cast

Upon the Seat of Mercy with the Blood of Him Who died

Who won for us the victory when on the cross He cried

That His great work was finished that of dying once for you

That He might start the other work of which He's almost through

That work in those now living as His perfect sacrifice

Who show the world around them a reflection of their Christ

Who will not let the devil win no matter how he tries

Because they know with confidence that Jesus hears their cries

And soon will end this conflict when He comes to take them home

Where all will be eternal joy and pain is never known

Philippians 1:12-30; Romans 8:11-18


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