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Daily Devotional

No Fear

The faithful do not fear those things that cannot hurt the soul

They know there is but One alone Who makes a Christian whole

They know no matter what may come the outcome's sure to be

A life with joy and so much more for all eternity

The faithful do not follow those who have no time for God

They do not linger in the path where other folks may trod

For they have their encounter every morning with their

Friend Who's promised to be with them in a life that will not end

But will be all they've hoped for all their hearts could ever dream

As with the saints in glory they will stand as the redeemed

Who for the Price of Righteousness were counted one with Him

Who gave His all upon the cross to buy the faults of them

Who truly were not worthy never could be on their own

Without the blood of Jesus Christ that only can atone

For every sin and every failing of the chosen here

Who by the grace of Him that's able has their record clear

Of every sin that they've committed through their faith alone

That grasps upon the grace from heaven God said was their own

No price to pay or way to earn it as they cannot be

Accounted worthy but through Jesus of eternity

Where daily they will come to worship Him Who is their own

And walk together one in number from His royal throne

To gardens in the land of Eden where the saints will shine

And all the past of pain and anguish will not come to mind

For there there'll be no record of one failing from the past

One single mark or scar of damage in that Home at last

Except for those upon our Saviour that won't go away

That will remind us of the damage for which He did pay

To give to us the glory promised while He lingered here

As patrons of His Kingdom's story that will be made clear

That started long before creation when just He could see

The path that He would take forever for iniquity

That was our own not bought or borrowed but by what we'd do

With every line and mark and detail that our Saviour knew

But still God's love had greater power than the Price He'd pay

To give to us the living option in His perfect Way

John 14:1-6; 1 John 4:10-19

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