Daily Devotional


So many think their destiny is what they plan to be

They think adhering to that plan is what they want to see

By learning and applying talents they think are their own

They strike out on their journey often going it alone

But what if what they're planning isn't what God has in mind

What if their future values aren't at all what they might find

Give them that deep fulfillment every person wants to have

Who has great aspiration for their future and their path

They think will bring them riches fame and fortune joy and ease

Or maybe just a cabin by a lake back in the trees

No matter as their thinking so on course they do proceed

Assuming if they do it well they'll always meet their need

Until unlike tomorrow that they planned there is a change

Some feature in their future takes a turn they think is strange

And everything they ever thought would be a certain way

Completely falls apart for them in one uncertain day

Uncertain as they know not what to do or where to turn

For in that very circumstance those things that they once learned

Just have no application as they thought and planned they would

And now with just their hope of life they know not what they should

Do with their skills and planning with their talents from the past

How they might make an impact in the present that will last

Beyond this fleeting moment through their actions or their words

To make their mark upon the minds of others who have heard

That they who had great promise in another worldly way

Have not that plan to guide them as that moment's gone away

But One Who knows the future sees them just where they should be

As now He can invite them to work toward eternity

As He had planned before them before they were even born

The Master of all talents not concerned with other's scorn

For He Who made the little seed become a mighty tree

Can make a simple trusting soul a thing of mastery

So if your plans don't match up to the future you had planned

Take time with Him Who knows all things to help you understand

And in His time you'll see quite clearly what He planned you'd be

And know His joy and satisfaction for eternity

James 4:13-17; Jeremiah 29:11-13


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