Daily Devotional

Importance of Study

So very many lessons in the scriptures we must learn

A multitude of lessons on each precious page we turn

But while we have these lessons so few seem to understand

That all their many questions are there answered as God planned

If they would simply trust Him searching daily there to see

The attributes of Godliness shared by divinity

For reason and for purpose that is likewise shared as well

To fit us for His Kingdom not the punishment of hell

But still it seems the masses though they have God's Word in hand

Would rather just neglect the path that God for us has planned

And wander in their ignorance without the will to do

The simply edifying work that's there for me and you

That work of simply list'ning while we sit with Him in prayer

Attending to His awesome Word and all that's waiting there

One miracle that's followed by another in its turn

From which there is so very much God's wanting us to learn

About His great provisions for our many needs each day

That give us health and healing as we seek the narrow Way

Enlightening through providence our minds with precious Truth

That will again be studied in that land of endless youth

For what most do not realize about our learning here

Is it's just a beginning for those folks who will not fear

When in the clouds of glory Christ returns for those who tried

To emulate the character of Him we crucified

And what seems still a mystery for many still today

Is how God can be instantly among us when we pray

And give us strength and wisdom for the challenges we meet

Assuring us of victory and not of sound defeat

For those who have their hand upon that mighty Word of prayer

Will find therein the power of our God that's waiting there

A power yet untapped by those who think they know Him well

But have so little testimony of which they can tell

Because they've yet to seek Him as He's prayed that they would do

To have that great infilling that He's tried to bring them to

And only if they will today pursue Him in His Word

Will they receive the honor when His voice on high is heard

John 17:1-26


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