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Daily Devotional

Say And Do

So many in this world today have many words to say

They tell us how we ought to live even tell us how to pray

They tell us what's expected from the host of the redeemed

But if you could see in their hearts it's not Christ they esteem

They tell us we're expected to give to support their cause

Demanding of what we might have without conscience or pause

As though they were by God ordained to rule the souls of men

When of a truth their souls are lost because of hidden sin

That has a grip upon their life observed in all they do

Assuming there's another standard that's for me and you

While they live to enrich their coffers we live to obey

Not doing as we see them do but doing as they say

And though in truth they're evil as we see them in the light

Of God's great Holy Standard that describes for us what's right

So many choose to follow them as if their lies were true

And like a mindless autobot do what they're told to do

And why might you ask are these folks so blinded in the way

They let themselves be monitored in all they do and say

And then manipulated to perform as they are told

Well friend that answer is as long as this dark world is old

Because when they were tempted our first parents failed the test

To hold on to their righteousness and live in God at rest

And by receiving doubt of Him Who loved them most of all

They started like a domino humanity's great fall

Into the hands of Satan who has blinded men since then

Who's kept them bound by selfish lust to evil and their sin

And kept them from observing where God's righteousness is found

That they might be like wind blown waves and not as solid ground

And without God's foundation that is ours through the cross

Then what is our humanity is cast away and lost

And only by returning to His Word of Truth in prayer

Can we find solidarity while God is waiting there

For soon much sooner than we know His patience here will cease

And those who have not lived the truth will know no love or peace

But those who have endured the fight for Truth will not go wrong

But will with Moses and the Lamb sing their salvation's song

James 1:19-27; Revelation 15:1-3

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