Daily Devotional


Before when we were tempted to exchange integrity

For something of less value thinking no one else could see

We let the devil lead us on a journey into sin

Not knowing we caused stumbling in the lives of other men

But now that we've surrendered all we are to God in love

Accepted His pure righteousness the Bible tells us of

We choose instead of leaning on our own integrity

To grasp by faith the grace of God that gives us purity

For nothing Satan offers comes without some strings attached

And compromise with evil is a thing that can't be matched

By human intervention thinking we have strength to be

Among the true and righteous without God's divinity

Placed on us every morning at the start of everyday

Abiding every footstep as He guides us in the Way

That make us more like Jesus for the world in us to see

The love that rules His Kingdom even through adversity

And when we have that promise of eternal life with Him

Temptations have no pow'r at all in any one of them

To pull us from our footing as we stand on Holy Ground

Established in the Word of God that through His grace we've found

And when the devil tells us of the many years we served

His kingdom in our weakness and how much we don't deserve

To be among God's people for the things that we have done

We simply humbly point him to the scars in Christ the Son

He thought would overcome Him as He hung there in His grief

Deranged by pain and anguish knowing there was no relief

To buckle under pressure to be like all other men

And sacrifice His mission to defeat the curse of sin

But as the Saviour hung there as God's Lamb to take our place

He purchased there our promise that no matter what we face

In Him we have the victory as long as we abide

By faith through our obedience where we've been told to hide

Within the Cleft of righteousness that mighty Rock our King

Who's fought the fight and paid the Price to give us everything

We need to hold communion with His Presence everyday

'Cause in our heart's devotion there can be no other way

James 1:2-27


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