Daily Devotional

His Way Not Ours

So many many voices that are in the world today

That try to tell us how to live to burn that fat away

Or how we need to study hard to make ourselves approved

To take the next position of the next one that has moved

Or how to be successful in that golden enterprise

That's growing with a future right before our very eyes

Or what should be the focus in the course of our pursuit

That no one with a simple brain would think they should refute

Or whether we should this or that in making up our mind

The inkling of consideration that we chance to find

Should be a thing we entertain more than a passing whim

That inkling of a whisper that we hear that comes from Him

Who really has the answers for our health and attitude

That seeks a new dimension from a sense of gratitude

That sees ourselves as temples for the presence of the Lord

Unworthy but the chosen by His grace He did afford

Through sacrifice to give us what ourselves we could not earn

A place within His Kingdom at Christ Jesus' soon return

Where all will be transparent in the things we do and say

Because the very dregs of self have all been burned away

The dregs of self exclusion from the body of God's church

The church not built of wood and stone but for which we all search

Where all are fit together like a hand within a glove

A body built of many parts but bound by One great Love

That moves by one great Spirit wherein dwells the life of God

That sees each day a challenge in each path it finds to trod

To share the Light of heaven with each souls that it might meet

The Light it gains from spending time before the Saviour's feet

Where all is found that's needed for success in each new day

When by His grace through living faith He wipes our sins away

And makes us living creatures with a saving attitude

Who light the world around us with our Godly gratitude

Who hear not what the world might say will make us to succeed

Because by grace we know the One Who through His death has freed

Us from a darkened future where lies remnants of our past

That by His life we too might live where joy will ever last

John 10:7-18; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20; 1 Kings 19:11-12

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