Daily Devotional


A prayer prayed for enlightenment bears with it so much more

Than most who make this vital prayer are often looking for

It carries obligation to observe those things one learns

As vital to salvation with its path of many turns

For though it's straight and narrow in its course to heaven's home

The Light we're asked to follow in this darkened world we roam

Will lead us where we're needed most to share God's Light with men

Who still have not a knowledge of the depth and guilt of sin

That holds them in its clutches in the darkness of the past

That keeps them from embracing joy when on the Lord they cast

Their trust upon His promises if shared with them through us

Who have that true enlightenment for which we ask in trust

But many who accept that trust know not what they have done

Know not the obligation they've accepted from God's Son

Assuming they have but to live embracing all they've learned

Without the will to live the Light for which their hearts have yearned

For living is the reason God enlightens us at all

To carry forth His message to the world til heavens fall

Upon us at our Lord's return to take His children home

To live in those bright mansions where the saints will never roam

And until then if faithful those who really want to know

The meaning of the Christian walk and where He'd have us go

Will like their Lord and Saviour bear the Light of Truth to them

That they have by His mighty grace received in faith from Him

Because to them like Jesus there's no greater living joy

Than to be used by Him Who said He wanted to employ

His children as ambassadors to share both broad and wide

The message of salvation that the devil cannot hide

Because when we're converted full abandoned to the Lord

We look not on the things of earth to be by us adored

But on each precious blessing as a gift through which to share

The Truth that touches others when they see how much we care

By living that enlightenment we prayed for at the first

To feed the lost and hungry as we seek to wet their thirst

With drafts of living water from that never ending well

God shares with those most faithful to the Truth they have to tell

Isaiah 58:1-14; Matthew 28:18-20


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