Daily Devotional

God's Temple

Why does the population seek those things that bring it pain

With attitudes and habits that can drive the wise insane

With smoking drugs and drinking and an appetite for things

That cause this life to be cut short combined with sufferings

Some might say it's just nature serving out its part in man

Indulging in those pleasures only God can understand

Because He sees the content of each selfish human heart

That keeps Him at a distant wanting Him to have no part

Of giving them direction for a life that's full and free

That life that He's provided that will last eternally

But only will have full embrace by those who keep their eyes

Upon the One Who made all things the One Who holds the Prize

Of His eternal Kingdom where there'll be no death or pain

Where no one will indulge in things that make them sick again

Because their soul is focused on what should be ours today

That perfect peace in Jesus Who is Truth and Life and Way

Who gave us His Example that we too might be like Him

We too might be a light for life before all other men

By living pure and holy lives without that appetite

God never had intended for the ones He calls the light

For we if we are faithful to what He shows us to do

Can be like Christ examples to the world around us too

And as we share the good He gives to help us live in health

We'll find it brings more joy in Him than any worldly wealth

For when we truly focus on what God would have in us

We no longer indulge in things that take from Him our trust

And as we draw from taking in those things that bring us pain

We give to Him an offering where He can live again

Within us as His temple to be seen and heard of men

A living testimony of our victory over sin

No longer bound by appetite that leads a soul to death

But holding out the hope of life by giving God our best

So friend if you're indulgent in those things that bring you pain

Ask God to give you grace to live like Christ in Him again

No more a pawn of Satan's game where you will always lose

But glowing as a light for God by things that now you choose

Proverbs 15:3-10; 1 Corinthians 6:12-20


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