Daily Devotional

Heaven's Storehouse

How can the scriptures save us if we know not what they say

If in our rush for living we neglect them day by day

Be for our inspiration that the Lord would like to give

If we neglect the principles upon which we should live

That lie so fully visible within God's Holy Word

That if we never open it cannot be fully heard

Just lying like a treasure that we never look to see

Upon the shelf beside us as we live in poverty

How can we see most clearly the description there to find

That wipes away the dark of night that keeps God's people blind

Of what it means to truly be an instrument of His

Ordained for just one purpose for an awesome time like this

The time when all the world is soon to see God's Word fulfilled

When tragedies abundant will see one third of life killed

As all will wake to judgement from the lethargy they're in

To realize their cup is full of past unpardoned sins

Unpardoned not because forgiveness was not always there

But because they neglected time to meet with God in prayer

Absorbing truths discovered while they dug deep in His Word

The truths that lit the darkness of traditions they had heard

Traditions given credence that directly had opposed

The simple truths of scripture the elect of God had chose

Because they simply were the Truth that they could clearly see

That pointed to the Father and His plan of purity

That He had placed upon them every morning while in prayer

Communing through His scriptures as they always found Him there

With all the grace they needed to confront another day

To be a light for others He was drawing to the Way

And also as a statement in those opportunities

To show the world around them that the God Who always sees

Provides His intercession when He sees the time is right

To share the perfect evidence of His redeeming Light

So friend be not neglectful of the honor you've been given

But spend each waking moment contemplating how in heaven

All that live there are watching to see if your life is driven

To draw from heaven's storehouse in the scriptures you've been given

Psalm 119:97-106; James 1:13-27

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