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Daily Devotional

Never Ending Story

Crying in her pillow 'til the dawn of morning light

Again the morning saved her from a terrifying night

A night of pain and anguish to be rescued by the sun

But this time something different as not for what she had done

For all the years before this time the dark of her retreat

Had been her place of hiding from the light of her defeat

A woman of the evening noted for her subtle charms

That paid her well for being in another stranger's arms

But this time all her anguish was for Someone not herself

Someone Who truly loved her for her soul and nothing else

Who saw in her the virtue she had thought was gone away

The virtue He provided for which she could never pay

And though she knew He loved her still she did not understand

Her part in this adventure God was working out for man

For that was not the reason her heart loved this Stranger so

It was for that one reason every Christian ought to know

That she was very special just as special to her King

As though she was His only child to gain His offering

Of honor in His Kingdom not for anything she'd done

But simply as the purchased child found by His only Son

For whom He'd left His Kingdom to go ransom in the earth

Whom He had seen and known before her great ancestor's birth

And whom though stained and fallen saw her only as a queen

Within salvation's story to be by the whole world seen

As she who loved her Saviour far beyond all worldly gain

Who saw in Him expression of the Father's perfect pain

When tears coursed down His hallowed cheeks while hanging on the cross

Not for His own deep suffering but for the ones He lost

Who could not see the Lamb of God He was for them to be

Who willingly gave up His life for their iniquity

If they would only listen and receive the love He shared

And wrap themselves in righteousness His sacrifice declared

But little did she realize that morning she would find

She'd be the first to hear His words and leave her pain behind

And embrace all eternity when there before His feet

Her heart would be alive once more as again the two would meet

Matthew 26:6-13; Mark 14:3-9; Luke 7:36-50; Mark 16:9; John 20:11-18

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