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Daily Devotional


What have we here about us in this season of distress

So many who have not a hope or will for usefulness

So many who have for so long just focused on their own

While leaving those they needed most at arm's length all alone

For many see the broken as a burden among men

Assuming they are simply those effected most by sin

And seeing them as no one special they should spend time on

They leave them in the wayside with no hope to carry on

But little do they know the blessing they so quickly lose

By holding to distractions that in selfishness they choose

The blessing of God's presence that can make them two as one

If in this burdened broken soul they see the Father's Son

Yes we're told in the scriptures that Christ spoke and we can see “

As you've done unto others you have also done to me”

But do we really focus on just what these scriptures say

As in our blinded hurry we rush quickly through our day

For everywhere around us there are precious souls in need

For which if nothing more we need for them to intercede

Before the throne of glory where our loving God abides

Where Truth and Mercy watch us to see what we will decide

As pulling on our heartstrings by His Spirit in His way

He tries to draw us near them to speak words He'd have us say

To reach out and to touch them so they do not feel unclean

But see in us the Saviour that in others they've not seen

The Saviour Who's not hurried to run off and do His thing

But sees in them the subject for which He is offering

New life and hope for living in a place that's soon to come

Where God's building those mansions to be our eternal home

And where we might be neighbors just next door on Golden Street

Oft walking close together to the Tree of Life to eat

A meal with Christ our Saviour who brought us together here

Together for a purpose that He soon will make quite clear

If only we will listen to His voice when those we see

Become for us the purpose Christ saved us on Calvary

And share with them the bounties of God's grace He's given us

Fulfilling here His purpose as we're faithful to His trust

Matthew 25:31-46; Romans 12

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