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Daily Devotional


A friend of mine once told me many things in confidence

About his past and what he'd done that gave me no offense

Just shared with me those things he'd rather no one ever knew

About when he was young and crazy as so many do

But in his speaking many burdens did I hear him share

For which he needed someone near him he could trust to care

And bear with him his heavy burden to lighten his load

As though I was the One to help him and the one he owed

For all the years he'd left behind him when no good was done

When all he sought was fame and pleasure wrapped in all the fun

This world is ready skilled and able to place in our way

To keep us from the One true Saviour Who for us did pay

The greatest Price that He could suffer when He let our sins

Divide Him from the Father's presence He was always in

And crush the very life He offered from His precious lips

That now is given those who seek Him in those daily sips

From that great fountain of His scriptures where His counsels found

With Him in study of each passage every time around

We focus from a new perspective that will come our way

As every moment is uniquely different every day

And when we learn to bear our burdens to our God alone

To place in Him our trust to measure all the seed we've sown

Against the blood of our Redeemer we've no need to fear

For trust in Christ will bring us comfort in the words we hear

From His Divine and Holy Spirit Who meets us each day

And travels close and right beside us as we seek His Way

That leads from here to golden glory where His Joy is known

By those who've come to love and trust Him as their very own

Close Confidant with grace and counsel that will never end

A bulwark against storm and fury from this world of sin

And also He Whose greatest passion is to see the day

When all the chosen of His Kingdom have one thing to say

That we are thankful very thankful for the Way He led

The Way that led us from the fear of “secrets of the dead”

To trusting Him in joy and glory that will never end

As He Who saves us in this story is our greatest Friend

Proverbs 17:17; 18:24; 27:10; 3:1-8

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