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Daily Devotional

New Beginnings

There is a land oft spoken of where one can choose to go

A land where there's a journey that that one may little know

Where all the old is left behind and new things lie ahead

A place where living people go and leave behind the dead

Not to be all forgotten but remembered as they should

Reflecting on those special times when that old life was good

But moving on with new direction from past lessons learned

By grace the opportunity that Christ for us has earned

As He had new beginnings from a past He won't repeat

That left behind the lessons that are meant for us to meet

With thankfulness and grace-filled-ness as like Him we become

Pursuing what lies new ahead and not where we've been from

For only in the Christian walk directed by the Lord

Can we obtain what He provides that we cannot afford

A new life with a new perspective from our Father's hand

That has a new focused attention on what He has planned

And that would be the person He's created us to be

Refashioned in His image for this opportunity

To be His living channel through which He can freely flow

To wake the world to righteousness that they have need to know

Is free to those who want it who want peace and joy inside

Who want His Holy Spirit daily in them to abide

And be the Light in this dark world that all men need to see

A soul made new at His command in heart and purity

That God sees as the only thing important in His eyes

As daily with His perfect help this new enlistee tries

To be a soldier of the cross no more a slave to sin

A bright ambassador of Light whose work will never end

But will through endless ages be rewarding every day

As throughout all the universe we share through things we say

The blessings and the honor being one with Christ does bring

As daily we have all we need as well as everything

That God before ordained for us before we ever fell

Great riches in His Kingdom pure of which no tongue can tell

Because of what He's done for us and how we did return

To Him the love this new life brings of which we've still to learn

2 Corinthians 5:14-21

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