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Daily Devotional

God's Instructions

Why is it in this world today with so much that we do

We follow man's instructions for the different things we choose

But when it comes to living in accordance with God's will

It seems our own imaginings are what we follow still

Imagining it's up to us to choose what we will do

Which one of His commandments we will follow as we choose

How we will give submission of our hearts or do our thing

When He's the One Who gave His all to give us everything

That's meant for our enjoyment in His Kingdom up above

Where all is joy and happiness surrounded by His love

That was and is available to every soul today

If we will simply set aside our will to do His Way

His Way that's in His Bible where instruction can be found

That sets us firmly in His Word that is His solid ground

Where winds of strife may beat us but our victory is sure

As therein lies His mighty grace through which we can endure

Each challenge that may come our way because we trust in Him

By keeping His commandments and the principles in them

That speak of Him as only God none other we will find

Who fills the hearts and souls of those who give Him strength and mind

And do not bow to idol things that have been made by man

As idols are a lifeless form that cannot understand

That faithful Christianity is not in forms or words

For forms and words will never truly draw us heavenwards

But that that draws us heavenwards is that time that is found

On Sabbath when we walk with God as one on holy ground

The Way He had intended back in Eden long ago

When only truth and beauty were the things the two did know

And then when fallen from God's grace He shared again with men

The great importance of that day in drawing them from sin

Into that oneness that's not found on any other day

As Sabbath is the only day God hallowed in that way

And will be ever honored through eternity with Him

As gathered in His Kingdom He will spend that time with them

Who faithfully laid all aside imagined once before

To be in oneness with our God the Way He made us for

Genesis 2:1-3; Exodus 20:2-11; Isaiah 66:22-23

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