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Daily Devotional


In me there is no good thing of myself that I have done

For in this heart of selfishness I am the number one

But when by grace I let God have all that I used to be

The miracle of what He does is clear for all to see

For I might be short tempered but in Him long-suffering

In me I might be quick to speak instead of studying

The circumstantial situation that I need to see

To understand the contribution that might come from me

That complicates the matter or confuses the results

Where if I would be patient I need not tender insults

But see how I might lift the burden someone else might feel

And show the true compassion that through God is very real

Because I see His patience as He deals with me each day

And how though I'm so faulty He still wipes my sins away

And strengthens and encourages me not to fail again

So I might be His vehicle to share with other men

The talents of the Christian man who focuses first thing

Each morning on God's tender love that He is offering

For us to grasp and emulate to others who are weak

To draw them by love's tender chords to Him we all should seek

But terribly too often we let self rule what's inside

And our own vulnerability we struggle hard to hide

Behind a mask of fretfulness that's truly infantile

And harden our exterior when we should only smile

And tell the one who's nearest us we'd like to share their pain

And help them through their suffering to not feel pressed again

Without knowing within their heart we share their burden too

And will by our ability do all that we can do

To live up to the promise we once made to them and God

To work together as one flesh while in this path we trod

In tuned to what they're needing from the man that we should be

The man that spends each morning at the foot of Calvary

Remembering the Price God paid when He bought all our sin

And how the great apostles felt when they were welcomed in

The Presence of the One they failed Who still brought love to them

The way we too must love our wives by being more like Him

Ephesians 5:22-33; Colossians 3:18-19; 1 Peter 3:7

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