Daily Devotional

The Anchor

No matter what your circumstance no matter where you've been

There's still a God Who loves you most in spite of all your sin

And wants you more than anything to know within your soul

The power of His loving grace that heals and makes you whole

But so much is the chatter in this world we hear today

So often it just seems His grace is carried far away

And we are left beside ourselves in fear and unbelief

When closer than we've ever known is grace for our relief

The grace that sees our circumstance and knows the plans He's made

The grace that's ours not just by chance but by the Price He paid

When leaving all of heaven Jesus Christ came here to be

The Anchor of God's perfect grace revealed on Calvary

That is not moved by tempest nor the gales of worldly storms

That holds against temptation and the host of earthly norms

That will forever be revealed by all the scars Christ bears

That bought for us the robe like His each saint forever wears

That robe of sinless purity placed on each naked soul

Who by His grace lays old aside for new that makes them whole

No longer bound by past regret for things they once have done

But filled with joy God loves us yet the more through Christ His Son

And also crowns, bright diadems that will not fade away

Because when tempted to forget we chose in Christ to stay

Full focused on His righteousness for those who will receive

By grace His spotless purity to all who will believe

For like a ship that's tossed about upon the stormy sea

When anchored to a solid rock the eye is want to see

The sailors know though still unseen that anchor's sure to hold

And with the greatest confidence they do as they are told

By their commanding officer who's sailed those seas before

Who knows the many passages and what they have in store

And knows from one place to the next wherein the ship must lay

To grant them safety for their trip to meet each passing day

So friend if you've not guessed by now we are that ship of souls

And Christ our great Commander Who's prepared our many goals

And His sure grace the anchor in the Rock He is as well

So don't delay to share this Truth that you've been blessed to tell

Matthew 4:23-25; Luke 6:31; John 5:19-24; Hebrews 6:19


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