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Daily Devotional

The Source

The only Source for all that's living is our loving God

Who planned and formed our first beginning long before we trod

Upon this ground on which we're living long involved in sin

Though oft forsaken still so patient with the faults of men

For many see as nonexistent Him Who made all things

They don't believe He has a purpose in all happenings

They think we're here just for the moment by some chance of fate

And choose to live in blind surrender to the god of hate

The god that moves among the people who reject the Truth

Who blinds through useless entertainment all from early youth

Who are not given life's instructions where their Source is found

Through early morning prayer and worship on God's holy ground

Which is His Word of inspiration filled with power and love

That power of the resurrection sent from God above

That is our only consolation in this world of sin

The only hope for our salvation in this mess we're in

But though so foolish and misguided in the path they trod

There still is hope for those who wander and forsake our God

If those who know the Truth and purpose God has given them

Will open up God's Word of wonder that will lead to Him

As Sovereign King and great Creator Lord of love and grace

Almighty God Who has no equal free from time and space

Who will when He has said and promised put an end to sin

And rectify all we've surrendered to this mess we're in

To call the chosen who've been faithful to the Truth they've known

Who'll live forever with the harvest from the seed they've sown

Because they would not give to Satan as the god of sin

The homage that's now so apparent in the souls of men

Who need to hear and see the Gospel lived through those who know

The Truth of God Who formed and made us and Who loves us so

Much that He gave His first Begotten to be One with us

And make us heirs of His salvation if in Him we trust

So friend be not unwise or fretful just pursue the course

That leads the minds of those around you to the Living Source

And in the end when your beginning starts with Him brand new

You'll join the many who'll be waiting there because of you

Genesis 1; Revelation 1:1-8

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