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Daily Devotional

Deeper Still

The process of conversion is a most delightful thing

It starts when we accept the grace that God is offering

And crowns with joy each day we wake with blessings bright and new

As God perfects this simple life in everything we do

But sadly more than often we lose sight of what God's done

We lose that great excitement that we found in Christ the Son

And church becomes a habit like a club where others go

To meet and greet with people and share worldly things we know

And that that once was precious every morning we would rise

That captivated every moment we would cast our eyes

Upon God's Word of promise just becomes another look

Into a lot of jumbled words within a story book

Not because worship time has changed but because we've forgot

To focus solely on the One Who did forsake us not

And let the other things in life take precedent to win

The root of our attention in this busy life we're in

But busyness without God's guidance can lead us away

From all that truly is most precious when we fail to pray

With earnestness for our salvation as we're taught to do

Through Bible lessons in the scriptures He will lead us to

And just because we don't do evil does not make us right

For God expects His chosen people to become His light

To all the world they have around them as Christ was before

When morning after morning they meet Him with open door

And take that time to sup with Him most deeply in His Word

Each moment weighing carefully all things that they have heard

To see what is that perfect Truth that God would have them live

And thereby through experience likewise His Truth to give

That others too might feed upon the Bread of Jesus Christ

And drink the wine that is His blood He shed at greatest Price

Removing all the filthiness of past sins lived before

To be wrapped in His righteousness as we choose and adore

Each moment like none other at His feet where Love is found

That forms equips and fashions us each morn on Holy ground

Where deeper ever deeper in God's Word we grow like them

Who've gone before in paths of Light to share the Love of Him

Isaiah 28:9-10; Philippians 2:1-15; Revelation 3:19-22

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